All our pastries are made according to traditional, family-kept italian recepies. Each pastry is made of fresh ingredients, without additives and artificial colours. We follow seasonal changes and only create our pastries with the fruit found at the fresh markets.

Pastiera Napoletana

In the time of Easter when the first wind of spring sweeps through Napels, grandmothers start baking one of Naples most loved pastries - Pastiera Napoletana with a sweet taste of oranges and cinnamon.

The story tells that the Pastiera Napoletana was created when the people of Naples gave princess/mermaid Partenope, their city's seven most precious goods, flour, ricotta cheese, eggs, wheat, orange liqour, cinnamon and sugar, symbolizing life, fertility and natural richness. It was from these seven precious goods, the Pastiera Napoletana was created - a unique medditeranean dessert.

Baci di Dama

"Lady kisses" and the name says it all. The sweet taste of baked hazelnuts filled with dark chocolate. Very simple but also very special.


In the 19th century villages between Liguria and Piemonte almond trees were planted by tradition. Spring brought the sweet taste of almond flower and the autumn the delicious almond fruit. One year the autumn brought so many almonds. Not to let all the almonds go to waste, the villages created Amaretti - cookies made solely from almonds, sugar and eggs...our inspiration for Amaretti Pasticceria Italiana, made according to the special recepie of Nonna Wanda.



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