SHE left for Palermo to participate in a chocolate course organized by one of Italy's most famous pastry chefs, Luigi. HE did not have a great taste for pastries, even though he spent all his childhood years in his family's bakery, established back in 1962. Where grandma Wanda still up to this day, holds the most important role in the creation of pastries, all according to family traditions and secret recipes, HE admired and loved HER. Thus it was rather the love for HER and not the love for pastries that took him to Belgrade, where they together now have opened the city's fist genuine Italian bakery "Amaretti Pasticceria Italiana" - a place where the scent of sweet almonds, love for Italy and it's delicious pastries come together.

"Amaretti Pasticceria Italiana" exists today thanks to a few very special people in her life. Nonna Wanda who's recepies that never will be gone forgotten. Ksenia Belova and her unique photos of hidden places in Italy. Her family who always has been her biggest support in life. Her best friend Iva with whom she's shared every italian experience, and HIM - the reason of her love for Italy and Italian pastries. Thank you all!

Amaretti Pasticceria Italiana


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